Athina the expert

“To sustain high performance, organizations must build the capacity to learn and keep changing over time.” McKinsey Quarterly, June 2011

The first question Athina is going to ask you is when was the last time you have learnt something about yourself or other people. Athina knows how to bring the best out in people and co-create with them amazing journeys of exploration, experimentation and transformation. She will keep you and your people on your toes challenging your well-held assumptions and taking you out of your carefully shaped comfort zones in order to achieve the greatness you deserve and have worked hard for.

Athina is a bilingual expert in people with deep understanding and experience across many different cultural settings and their fine space in between. She was born in Greece into a family of opposites: the cosmopolitan, entrepreneurial and open-minded legacy of merchants from Asia Minor and the heart of modern day Turkey on one side and the hard-headed artisans from Thessaly, one of Greece’s most notorious regions for resilience, pride and honour on the other. An avid thinker and people observer from a very young age, Athina got interested in what makes people tick very early resulting in her pursuit of a Clinical Psychology degree for her University studies.

Her diverse background and exposure to global business environments gave Athina an advantage in terms of making sense of people at work within and across cultures. Athina connects naturally to the way people do business in the Mediterranean basin, Middle East and Eastern Europe including Russia given the long line of history, tradition and religious heritage that connects these parts of the world. At the same time having spent 11 years working in London’s international melting pot and two of its most hardcore hubs, the City and the Government she is proficient in the Western way of thinking and behaving and the models of English speaking business making in an increasingly networked knowledge economy.

A unique combination of deep insights and knowledge of the inner workings of people gained through years of trial and error to prove and disprove her extended academic knowledge with passion for excellence and resilience even in the most challenging of situations make Athina stand out. Not your usual executive coach or entrepreneur, her clients have been the best in capturing Athina’s unique flavour:

“One thing is for sure, Athina is very good and the thing is that she knows it” Start-up founder, USA
“Athina does not shy away from a good conversation and never takes no for an answer. She patiently and consistently” Senior Manager, Banking, London
“ I was amazed to find that Athina managed to understand me and the complexities of my particular situation from the very first session. It still beats me really, an incredibly talented coach worth working with” Associate Director, Banking Bucharest
“Your points are so accurate they make me think you have a camera in my working space.” Head of Private Banking, South Europe
“Athina’s contribution to the development of my leadership team has been significant, she helped us create a safe and open space to operate within and explore our future in positive and creative ways” General Manager, London
“Athina is a powerhouse of energy and intellect, her challenging and profound insights make her an essential addition to executives who want to be at the forefront of their careers” Head of Global Sourcing, London

Athina has worked with thousands of executives and numerous people across her career span always achieving extraordinary results. A scholar of people and of their intricate interactions in interpersonal relationships and group settings since 1992 she has been an enabler and facilitator of change and vital human transformations.