the vision

“We aim to be the globally recognised reference point for outstanding people solutions that make sense”.
Athina Kafetsiou, The Executive Lounge founder

Simply a different way of doing things: we take your greatness personally, and do everything required to enable it. A team of experts that speak the business and people language proficiently and know how to help you unlock, unblock and fast track your organization towards consistent exceptional performance. Approaching your organisation as a sophisticated system of specialists organised in functions, countries, locations, sub-systems working towards hitting challenging organisational agendas as well as their personal ones.

The Executive Lounge is the space and place where contemporary leaders perfect their responses to a fast changing global terrain. Dedicated to enabling faster and more efficient solutions for the most business critical resource: people.

People are the heart of every organisation and their most dynamic component, in constant flux to adapt to and predict to market conditions and internal demands. Successful organisations are no accidents; they are led by visionary and skilful leaders who know how to build environments that encourage people to bring out their best both as individuals and in their collective systems in conditions of constant change. They also know that they cannot achieve this alone, they need the right internal and external experts that will translate their visions into hard and soft people data and complement challenging change missions with the programmes that will deliver the required results.
Depending on the sector, industry, size and scope and the challenges your organisation is facing as a result of strategic decisions and external pressures alike, you will need a different approach to suit your vision and mission. This is where we come in, to improve your People Proficiency © through programmes that work for your organisation. In three simple steps and full support from us along the way.

Step 1: Lock the Goal: Know what you want and how to go about doing it
Step 2: Put your ducks in order: Understand your human capital in depth, as individuals and systems of people across the organisation
Step 3: Choose and implement: Use all the intelligence to decide which programmes will add value to your end goals