We are passionate about bringing all your HR intelligence in one place and interpreting it in ways that make sense.

Metrics are at the heart of what we do, since this is the only way to do our job right. People Proficiency © is measured along a number of different interconnected indicators based on real, scientific and measurable data, both quantitative and qualitative. It is the greatest passion of our HR analysts is to uncover all the HR intelligence already in place and apply the most advanced metrics to make them work for you. While at the same time working with the meticulously collected qualitative data to produce meaningful interpretations that shed new light on your organisational health and excellence.
We spend a lot of time talking, analysing, and getting into your organisation’s shoes so that we understand what is really going on before embarking on trying to fix anything. We use both numbers or “hard” data as well as more qualitative, “soft” information we take from interviews, focus groups, surveys, observations and ethnographic tools.
The result? Comprehensive analyses of your people and their systems presented in charts, maps, graphs and reports that is formats that enhance, enlighten, and assist Business executives and HR professionals alike. The most advanced toolkit of analysing Human Resources in contemporary organisations and reaching meaningful, spot on interpretations that do exactly what says on the tin.