Our Experience

Experts in People, why are they needed?

  • To solve business critical people problems
  • To preserve as well as augment Value creation through people
  • Help remove strategic or operational bottlenecks
  • Identify and promote talent
  • Develop leaders in alignment with corporate vision

We have seen numerous change management programmes built with the best of intentions go pair shaped because they did not take into consideration the Human Factor and they focused on procedure and system changes instead of people.
We have seen the frustration and disappointment of key decision makers when their re-structuring and re-organisation masterplans end down the drain when people reject and fight them staying put on their own ways of doing things.
We have seen the impact on major big businesses from people not adopting and absorbing business critical changes that are critical turning points in organisations fighting to survive and grow.
We have seen M&As destroying value and cohesion and producing toxic and non-efficient work environments non-conducive to the business objectives.
We have seen Companies loosing good, active talent across ranks due to mismanagement of human resources and a more short-termist view of the enterprise.
We have seen toxic and de-railed executives and senior managers engaging in hobby-horsing and empire building to the detriment of organisational climate.
We have seen a lot of ad hoc and random interventions aiming at people development that are either too microscopic or on the reverse too macroscopic.