What we do

“ A partner you can trust along the journey. Committed to your excellence, we do our best to bring out your best ”

We work with you and for you, your success is our only agenda. Using a number of different methods and techniques to enlighten, coach, engage, the people in your organisation as individuals and teams towards achieving outstanding results. Enhancing the ability of your organization to align, execute, and renew itself faster than your competitors through exceptional programmes that develop core organizational skills and capabilities, such as leadership, cooperation, engagement, strategic orientation and implementation, talent management and development.

Global capabilities, local approach
Our typical client organisation profile is complex, large and medium workplaces, of global or regional impact involving multiple locations, functions, stakeholders, languages, cultures and essentially, time zones. This is where team of global business experts add maximum value making sense of complex organisational pictures and delivering seamless change programmes built upon the unique DNA of your people.

A robust, waterproof model of excellence for organisations of the 21st century
Every Executive Lounge programme achieves maximum absorption and change across the organisation due to a core three Ss model: Strategic, Scientific and Systemic. Starting from the larger organisational system & its sub-systems and moving on to the teams and the individuals involved. Our expert toolkit comprises traditional and contemporary tools for analysis, synthesis and praxis covering human capital analytics incorporating quantitative data with qualitative techniques, corporate restructuring & organizational design, Leadership development design and delivery, talent identification & management, creating award winning cultures and employee engagement programs, applied NLP, coaching & mentoring across organisational levels.

At the intersection of Science and Practice. A harmonious marriage of theory & practice delivered in innovative ways
We are not happy with ad hoc approaches and hit and miss results. Every Executive Lounge programme is fully supported by applied academic research enhancing the reliability and validity of the results that are also analysed in the context of the organisation and its stage of development. Robust measurement is very close to our hearts. A set of very intelligent HR Business Intelligence analytics combined with the most advanced methods for analysing human capital quantitatively and qualitatively and making meaningful interpretations fully aligned to business strategy, stage and objectives.

“Simply a new ethos in providing professional services.”

Introducing a new ethos in professional services delivery
A partner you can rely on to deliver outstanding results always going the extra mile to save you time and valuable resources. New, advanced, innovative delivery using the wealth of technological aids available nowadays to increase impact and minimise disruption. The pillars of our service revolve around three key ideas:

• People data and solutions that make total sense.
• Meaningful and measurable delivery, in formats that suit different audiences across your organisation.
• Human Capital management directly linked to business results bringing credibility into a notoriously difficult to measure sector.