Young Executives Academy

A Different Breed of Talent requires radically new learning approaches: Fast, personalised, contemporary

21st century high potentials have totally different ideas, career aspirations and expectations from work and employers; quick paced, information-rich, diverse and fully aware of everything the world has to offer, they are eager to move forward, fast.
Keeping talent for longer and fully engaged is not an easy job, even for the most experienced people managers or for large companies that still invest in systemic and company-wide systems for managing talent.


THE YOUNG EXECUTIVES ACADEMY is the ideal vehicle for engaging high potentials.

The most efficient way for achieving full engagement and retention of this demanding group, while stretching their leadership potential and managerial skills in a safe learning environment. Knowledge, information, practical toolkits, distinguished guest speakers, and experiential learning tailored on the leaders of the future delivered in the most compact format; a fine marriage of traditional classroom approaches innovative contemporary channels & media to ensure maximize learning and absorption.